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When we first started Andarl Farm, we ran everything from our farm in County Mayo. Once we started to grow our relationship with chefs across Ireland, we realised that we needed a bigger premises so took over the old butchers shop in Glenamaddy in 2016.

This shop served two purposes: we used it as our main preparation area for the wholesale orders as well as the online retail orders, but it also meant we had a presence on the high street in Glenamaddy where locals could pop in to buy their meat.

In 2021, following the growth we had from the wholesale side as well as the online orders we needed to find a new premises which was much bigger.

A unit in Castlebar ticked all the boxes, and by the end of October 2021 we had the keys in our hands. There was a lot of work to be done, and we used every spare minute to get it up and running ready to move.


March 2022

The unit in Moneen Industrial Estate was finally ready, and we relocated. We want to thank the great team of suppliers and engineers who have helped get this space ready, as well as our staff members who have also been great help!


This unit is our production facility, and it is possible to place a pre-order on our website and select collection from here.