For Hotels & Restaurants

Andarl Farm produces a range of Velvet Pork and bacon products which are prepared by talented chefs and enjoyed in award winning restaurants and hotels such as Ashford Castle and The Lodge at Ashford, and Belleek Castle.

Full of flavour and imbued with the essence of the Irish west coast countryside, savouring the sweet subtleness of Velvet Pork is a true dining experience.

Through a combination of breeding and ethical farming practices where pigs enjoy a healthy and active outdoor lifestyle, Andarl Farm has achieved the perfect fat to lean ratio and a moister, firmer meat offered in the traditional fashion with the rind on.

Consistency is the key

Andarl Farm has invested enthusiastically in a sustainable, free-range farming solution that ensures the consistency of supply of its unique Velvet Pork. When you order Velvet Pork and bacon products from Andarl Farm, you can be sure to receive the same quality meat time and time again.

Further information

Keen to know more about the Andarl Farm story or how Velvet Pork might feature on your menu? Please get in touch with Dave directly on 087 782 5751 – he is always happy to have a chat to share the Andarl story and his passion for ethical farming and fine Irish cuisine.