Ethical Farming

The pigs of Andarl Farm flourish in fresh country air, soaking up natural sunlight and splashing about in the mud after the rain.

Thanks to their staunch commitment to ethical farming practices, Dave and Diana ensure the animals of Andarl Farm live healthier, more active lives with the freedom to roam and forage in natural, clean and comfortable surroundings.  Supported by other auxilliary farms practicing the same standards has allowed the Dave and Diana to supply the ever increasing customer demand.  

Traditionally styled pig arcs set back in the field provide pigs with shelter, the absence of doors meaning they must venture outside at play and mealtimes. A specially constructed concrete base surrounding the arc lets pigs sleep solo on the base on warmer evenings, or snuggle together in their straw bed when it’s cold, self-regulating their temperatures as and when they need.

The result of leading unrestricted, contented lives? A higher quality meat. The pigs enjoy more exercise and are therefore more toned, giving Andarl Farm’s pork products a unique taste and texture that reflects the years of Dave and Diana’s hard work, investment and a commitment to farm animal welfare that is gaining popularity world-wide.

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