The Andarl Farm Story

Happy New Year everyone, thank you to everyone for your amazing support in the tough year that was 2020

Welcome to Andarl Farm, the home of Velvet Pork, where healthy, happy pigs thrive in the natural Irish environment.

A few miles from the Wild Atlantic Way, where the fresh country breeze gently tousles grand weeping foliage, excitable pigs frolic in the long, meadow grass and forage for roots, thistles and other natural delights tucked away in the rich, moist earth.

Meet Dave and Diana Milestone, whose great pig adventure began in 2011 near Brickens, Co Mayo.

Newly emigrated from Yorkshire, the couple brought home their very first pig, a Great White sow aptly named Doris, who within a short time blessed them with 17 squealing piglets. Disaster struck though when just two days later, with Dave abroad on a long-distance lorry delivery, Doris died suddenly, leaving Diana to single-handedly care for her little charges.

As any mother to multiples will testify, hand-rearing babies is a round-the-clock effort, piglets or otherwise. Diana soon found herself consumed day and night with two hourly feeding intervals alternating between pans, bottles and even syringes for the most feeble.

Her hard work paid off and the pigs did eventually go to market – but for two, Thelma and Louise, who firmly established Dave and Diana’s entrée into pig farming.

The following three years saw Dave and Diana invest heartily in their vision to create the perfect cross with the right fat to lean ratio as well as a hardy outdoor disposition to suit their free-range farming style.

They found success with Harry, a very large Hyroc boar, a cross between a Duroc and Pietrain. The result is what is today known as Velvet Pork, with an even covering of sweet-tasting fat and importantly, reliable in its consistency.

Key to the success of Andarl Farm and its iconic Velvet Pork is its enduring commitment to creating a happy, healthy environment for its animals to roam, forage, play, grunt and squeal to their hearts content, rain, hail or shine. Learn more about the Andarl Farm philosophy here.  Other auxiliary farms are now on board closely monitored by Dave to ensure they conform their standards.

Today, Andarl Farm produces a range of Velvet Pork and bacon products which are enjoyed in award winning restaurants throughout Ireland and can be purchased in selected retail outlets. Their produce is now also available to order online at the online farm store.

Andarl Farm features in the McKenna’s Guide and was thrilled to receive the prestigious Euro-Toques Food Award for its free range pork in recognition of excellent quality standards, traditional artisan production methods and an outstanding contribution to Irish food.

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