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Can there be anything more comforting than an Irish rasher roll and a hot cup of tea? Do we really give the rashers the credit they deserve? 


Some prefer their bacon a little more crispy. The streaky rasher is best for this, as it is taken from the belly and has the lines of fat running through it (these crisp up great). So if a crispy rasher is your favourite, then these are the best!

If you're not a big fan of the fat/ or the crispiness, then back bacon will be for you. Taken from the loin, the fat is just on the outside so they don't crisp up as much as the streaky rasher.

Then there's the question of whether you want a un-smoked rasher, or maybe you'd rather a smoked rasher...

One thing for sure though, the roll must be soft and floury. But, is it buttered? Then do we have sauce...? Which one...

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