Velvet Pork

The essence of west coast country Ireland is captured in the truly unique taste and texture of Andarl Farm’s free-range Velvet Pork.

Described in John and Sally McKenna’s Guide as velvety: tender, sweet, subtle and disarmingly delicious, Andarl Farm’s Velvet Pork is a moist, flavoursome and firm meat that guarantees a mouth-watering experience whether dining out or at home.

As modern tastes often find free-range pork too fatty, Dave and Diana embarked on a quest to achieve the perfect fat to lean ratio through a combination of breeding and a fresh, healthy and active outdoor lifestyle that would be reflected in the taste and texture of the meat.

The pigs of Andarl Farm enjoy an uninhibited lifestyle consistent with ethical farming practices. With plenty of exercise they are more toned and produce a different taste and texture to regular pork products. Soaking up the sunlight while foraging for roots and other treasures, their meat carries higher levels of Vitamin D and the indisputable flavour of country Ireland.

Andarl Farm produces a variety of velvet pork and bacon products including from pork and apple burgers, superb dry-cured rashers, delicious sausages and beautiful roasting joints. Visit our online store now to have your favourite product delivered to your door.